Welcome to the Image Blitz blog page.

Join us in our ongoing battle to stamp out the liberal lunacy that is destroying America.

You may know Image Blitz from our Facebook page, where we have over 33,000 subscribers. I decided to start this blog page after being shut down twice by Facebook. I figured when they shut me down for good, you guys should still have access to our memes and commentary. As with our Facebook page, your comments and input are an essential part of what makes Image Blitz fun and informative. If we piss off some libs in the process, that’s a plus.

Thanks for joining us and let’s restore some sanity to our great nation.

– Emily Pix

One reply

  1. Ian says:


    I love all of your Image Blitz work, it’s simply Fantastic!! I honestly have to say it’s some of, if not the best work out there. There hasn’t been a day that your work has not brought smiles or laughter. At the same time, it’s also bringing to light topics of the utmost importance to saving our great nation.

    Many Thanks, and God Bless!


    Ian #FF

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